Architecture is not based on concrete and steel and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder.

Daniel Libeskind

Architecture is the art of creating, not only the built form, but also the environment. You feel supreme because you are in charge of creating a space that represents emotions, that is comfortable and pleasant. It is a really creative field, where you can make many models, play with form and function, visit many places and learn many things each time, and sketch and draft for hours.

Architecture opens your eyes and your mind. Before I knew what this subject was about, a drive on the road would have been boring, with headphones plugged in, leaving home and desperately waiting for the destination. Architecture makes the drive interesting. It makes one’s eyes open to so many design solutions and beautiful architectures inside and outside, that one always prefers to be on the road to visualise the beauty that nature, history and the present have to offer.

Architecture is essentially the study that deals with the process of designing and erecting structures.

It is not limited to construction alone, but is a combined discipline that is interrelated with the creation, functioning and aesthetics of the built environment.

A building acts as a medium of communication between man and nature, and architecture is the study that emphasises the extension of this medium.

Architecture provides the soul of any city, country or continent. It builds on the rich history of our ancestors and applies it to create more functional and comfortable habitats for the human race.

Architecture is the art and science behind any building.

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