Even if seeing the most beautiful buildings in the world is not the first reason to travel to the other side of the globe, it must be said that impressive architecture is undoubtedly exciting.

Certain buildings are bearers of great cultural heritage, and paying attention to the architecture of a destination helps to learn more about the history of the place. Beauty is everywhere and depends on how we perceive it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it has been said, and it is something I fervently believe in.
Beauty is the embodiment of good thoughts, perceptions and understanding of what is in front of you.

There is nothing ugly in this world, it is the discrepancy or wrong mentality that makes people classify something as ugly/beautiful.

“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”


There was a time when beauty was focused on the outward manifestation and not on my interpretation. My thoughts were rationalised like blinders, only to be focused in the direction – but beauty is more than a manifestation. We are all beautiful, we have beauty inside and out and each of us has been blessed with a multitude of levels of beauty.

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