This right here, was a scenery I used to see really often when I lived in my hometown. I never really bothered to truly appreciate the beautifulness of the view I had right in front of my eyes. 

“Live is a gift. Wake up everyday and realize that.”

 Why did you choose this place?

I chose the sea because it has always been a place that I associated with relaxing and where I could always go to leave all my problems behind for a moment. 

What makes you comfortable?

In general I feel comfortable when I’m in a place that I know well, surrounded by people that I have already met. In those situations I can be myself without fearing being judged and 

On the other hand, I also find myself relaxed when I’m alone in spots with a calm atmosphere, where I can meditate without being disturbed.

Is there any disruptive element?

Right beside the sidewalk we find train tracks that disturbe sometimes the acoustic that creates the sound of the waves and the singing of the birds.

Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now? 

That sense of calmness and reflection I could find if I was in my bedroom, alone and with some slow piano music in the background.

More often than we think we need some time by ourselves without any distraction to heal our wounds and overcome any problem that we might face

Do you think that the conditions of this spot influences its occupants? How?  

The way I see it, the atmosphere of the place it’s vital to have a good impact on people.

If we put together a large crowd of people in this place, it will become a spot where there’ll be too much noise instead of being peacefully quiet. That way we would pollute the ambience and we wouldn’t be able to really appreciate the  gorgeous scenery that surrounds us.